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We love wine. Wine is our passion. We want to share our passion with people – that's why we decided to bring our favorite wines to Russia and founded our own wine distribution company. Mostly we like wine from artisan wineries – small domains – from all over the world. We prefer winemakers with the respect to the local traditions and terroir, who care for the quality of their wine.
We personally select each bottle. We travel to discover new domains and we visit the wine growers whose wine we like. Wine regions inspire us, people who make wine teach us to enjoy life and live every single moment of it: no matter where they are – in France or South Africa – they share the love for the earth with commitment to excellence and desire to leave a legacy.
We are looking for the wines full of character, meaningful and intelligent, wines meant to be enjoyed. We are looking for the wines which reflect personality of the grower – that's why winemakers come first! Our wines reflect their terroir, they also go wonderfully well with food which is very important for us.
Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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