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Biodynamic agriculture
François Ecot makes wine in eastern Burgundy south of Auxerre and north of Vezelay. François has old family roots in the area, he now by the way lives in his grandfather's house in Mailly-le-Chateau, but he came back to his wine roots through an indirect landing : François is the French half of François & Jenny, a transatlantic wine import business which is dedicated to artisan wines made the most natural way from healthy vines and soils. He set up his small winery in parallel with the import operation and to this day he keeps managing the company with his former wife Jenny, helping select new vintners in France or Italy.

So, he decided to enrol at the wine school in Beaune in 1998 because they had 8-month trainings for adults there. During his training he met friends who tipped him about Jean Maupertuis, Hervé Souhaut, Henri Milan.

The soil under here is sort of Oxfordian, François Ecot says, clay/limestone (the limestone part being obvious) with a shallow depth going from 15 centimeters to 30, and beneath it you find coral-reef tables, remnants of the sea bed that stood all over here. This geology is older then Irancy and Chablis, which are sedimentations atop of coral reefs. The part of the vineyard where stones surface the most may be the part with the thinnest soil, the meager earth having been flushed further down the slope along the centuries.

Today, François has this parcel which makes 75 ares. He also bought 1,14 hectare on the other side of the village but when asked if he'll get more rights to increase his surface he sighs of disgust, saying that in order to get plantation rights the French administration asks the grower to already have 3 hectares, so there are little chance he gets the green light from the administration even though the terroir of the parcels he is ogling is great and even though he'd sell the resulting wines without problem.
François Ecot
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8 Boulevard du Nord 89660 Mailly-le-Chateau

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