Le Raisin
et L'Ange

Rational agriculture
Gilles Azzoni settled in this farm in november 1983, the agricultural rental (fermage in French) comprised the farm plus 6 hectares of vineyards backed to the woods and hills. The closest town is Aubenas (25 min from here) and then Montélimar in the Rhône valley (40 min). In this farm, Gilles Azzoni moved from a relatively-conventional farming to organic farming and then outright natural winemaking, using no SO2 at all all along the vinification. He is now part of the AVN (Association des Vins Naturels), the Natural Winemakers group.

Gilles and his son will on their side mount a négoce, buying oranic grapes from young growers of the region including to the Ozil brothers who run Domaine Ozil, and they will keep making the wines in the style we know, vinifying them here too. His cuvée Hommage à Robert 2013 for example used some grapes purchased to Domaine Ozil. Gilles has also one hectare of vineyards of his own and he'll vinify these grapes in his own house which is still been fixed before he moves in (you can't vinify wines from different structures under the same roof in France).
The area has been cultivated for ages, and not only for grapes but also oats and rye for example, the farmers tended carefully their fields which were often on terraces that have been abandoned since. Gilles says that the technique of agriculture on terraced land was very sophisticated, this is something modern farmers aren't familiar with anymore, it has to do with the natural draining of water, the use of humus and manure, the planting of such or such type of bush (like box wood) to improve the soil, it took two generations to turn terraces in great, productive fields on the most natural way, with resulting yields that were not minor in spite of the rocky nature of the soil.

Gilles shows us the chai he organized in the 1980s' in a building which was not originally used for winemaking, he built a mezzanine above with reclaimed beams and wood, with opening a direct access for a vehicule on the top (the farm is sitting on the slope going down to the river, so that the ground level is much higher on the other side).this way, he can reach directly the top of his fermenters and fill them with the boxes by hand without using a conveyor belt.

Gilles makes his reds in these 4 large fermenters with carbonic maceration lasting between 8 and 15 days

Gilles thinks a lot when choosing a name, and Brân for example means raven for the Celts and for them in the antiquity, this bird was considered as a positive creature by Celts, unlike what it has become under our more recent Christian Latin heritage where this bird was considered bad omen, and this story around this name embodies the contradiction and struggle between the diverging world views between conventional-appellation wines and the natural wines.

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Le Raisin et L'Ange
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