Wine RennerSistas

Biodynamic agroculture

Our family business is currently run by the third generation. In 1988 Birgit and Helmuth took over and since 2015 their daughters Susanne and Stefanie provide new ideas and bring in their own passion for the winemaking process.

All of the grapes are taken from 12 hectares of land that are farmed biodynamically around the winery in Gols. The vineyards are located on the slopes of Altenberg, Schafleiten, Salzberg, Goldberg, Gebühl and Ungerberg – as well as on the Heideboden in the south of Gols.

Birgit and Helmuth have always put a lot of thought and energy in treating nature, their soils and their vineyards with great respect and care. Eventually they took the next step and had all of their vineyards and wines certified organic starting with vintage 2012.

Nature and its rhythm also mean a lot to the young generation. Our focus is now even more on having a diverse mix of grasses and herbs between the vines, on preparing our own compost to bring onto the soils and on using a careful method of pruning our vines to guarantee a healthier and longer life for our plants.

In 2016, we intensified our knowledge about biodynamics based on Rudolf Steiner's teachings and we tried our first biodynamic preparations. With the vintage 2018 all of the vineyards and products that are produced at the winery will be additionally certified by Demeter.

Helmuth has always described his work in the cellar as minimalistic and his focus was predominantly on the indigenous red wine varieties Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. Since the vintage 2016 it is the sister's turn to take over the responsibility for the whole wine production. All of our wines are fermented spontaneously, and they are given the time they need to fully develop their character in different volume sizes of French and Austrian oak. They present themselves as elegant wines with fine tannins, delicate fruit and great potential for ageing.

Apart from that, we also created the label rennersistas. In short, this is about skin contact on the whites, low or no usage of SO2 and no filtration prior to bottling. Low intervention winemaking supported by outstanding grape quality and precision where it is needed in the cellar. New wines that bring us great pleasure while producing and even more while enjoying them with friends !

Last but not least, we are a proud co-founder of the PANNOBILE group that is currently made up of nine different and individual winemakers. Since 1994, our keen goal is to express as much of our region and origin in our wines as possible. Therefore, we constantly meet and taste to guarantee best and long lasting quality.

All of us together, we appreciate what we have achieved so far and we are excited to see what the future holds. Our ambition is definite: complex and characteristic wines that represent where they come from. Or basically just good wines.

RENNER & rennersistas to be continued…

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