Biodynamic agriculture
Maison Sarnin-Berrux is négociant based in Saint-Romain has decided to produce only natural wines. Starting out in 2007 with a modest production of white wine only Jean-Pascal Sarnin and Jean-Marie Berrux now have an annual production of about 15 000 bottles in both colours.

Maison Sarnin-Berrux first came to life in 2007. Jean-Pascal Sarnin had left his job in finance in Paris in order to be closer to his family in Saint-Romain. But finding a job in finance outside Paris is not easy, so changes had to be made. He moved from being chief financial officer at one of the major stockbrokers on the Paris stock exchange, to running his own négociant business in Saint-Romain, a village with some 250 inhabitants six kilometres northeast of Meursault.

Jean-Marie Berrux has a somewhat similar background. Having worked in communication and advertising he left in 1999 for a career in wine.

— He worked with a winemaker in Arbois, in Jura, explains Jean-Pascal Sarnin. And he fell in love with wine. He stayed there for a year and then came to Beaune for wine school. After that he worked for a winemaker in Saint-Romain for eight years, so he has a lot of experience, both in the vineyards and in the cellar.

Today the two of them have nine wines in their portfolio. Seven of these are village appellations – Beaune and Saint-Romain in both colours, white Meursault, white Saint-Aubin and white Savigny-lès-Beaune – and there is a Bourgogne rouge as well as a vin de table made from grenache. In addition to that Jean-Marie Berrux produces a white Bourgogne – "Le Petit Têtu" – from his own vineyard.

Natural Wine

There is no established certification body and the term has no legal status. Most definitions of natural wine include some or all of the following:

  • Hand-picked, organically or biodynamically grown grapes.
  • Low-yielding vineyards.
  • No added sugars, no foreign yeasts.
  • No fining or filtration.
  • No adjustments for acidity.
  • No other additives for mouth-feel, colour, etc.
  • No micro-oxygenation or reverse osmosis.
  • Little or no added sulphite.

The wines of Sarnin-Berrux

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Maison Sarnin-Berrux
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