Tenute Dettori

Rational agriculture
Dettori is a family of pastoral farmers. They have been cultivating the earth and the vine from time immemorial. Also they grow grain and vegetables, and tend fruit and olive trees. All of the operations in the vineyard and in the cellar are carried out by the family and by hand. There are no pre-defined calendars and above all no standard winemaking practices guides. The winery is not composed of vineyard blocks but of myriads of individual berries.

Artisans of Wine

We are modest-sized artisans of the earth. You'll understand, then, when we say that we don't follow the market, but produce wines that we like, wines belonging to our culture.

In our winemaking, we don't make any use of any synthetic chemicals apart from sulphur: no added yeasts, no enzymes, or any other adjuvant either in fermentation or in maturation. The wine is neither filtered, clarified or barriqued. Probable remaings and CO2 are natural. Every bottle can be different. Ingredients: grape.

Badde Nigolosu

Badde Nigolosu is a natural amphitheater on the highest hills in the Sennori's town, where wine is not a trend. he altitude is 250 metres above sea level. The soil composition is calcareous (Organogenic limestones and calcarenites). Today's vineyards are the same as they were in the past: Sardinian grapes bush trained without irrigation and a density of 5,000 / 7,000 plants per hectare.


The wine has been made for over 3.000 years and today in Romangia area, with its 820 hectares, Romangia is in second place in Sardinia for hectares of vineyards and in fourth place for the cultivation of Cannonau.

The Wines of Tenute Dettori

Другие вина
Tenute Dettori
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